One thing I don't like about Jeju is that it's always crowded everywhere. Except for days that are raining or have strong wind, there are people at every Jeju attractions. It's almost impossible to get the photographs I want. I almost ask myself if I came to photograph the place or the people. 

My Very Own Secret Hideout 

 I enjoy some slow and quite travel. So I try to find places that are less popular and get the rest I need. As Jeju is full of fresh air and "gwarang gwarang" (blazing in Jeju dialect) sunlight, with just a little bit of alone time will make this travel much more pleasurable. If you came to Jeju for some quite time but are completely disappointed by the crowds of people, I have just the right place for you!

Do you like animals? I do. I especially like the ones that are cute but not too easy. They have no interest to get close to you easily so when they do, it really means something. I think that's what I like about them. And one of those uneasy animals is roe deer. Today, I present you where you can watch (and touch) roe deer at the Roe Deer Observation Center.

Roe Deer Observation Center is located of the northeast of Hallasan. On my first visit, I thought it was closed as it was too quite and there were hardly anybody there to Roe Deer watch. But for us the quite traveler, what a great news!

The entrance fee is only 1,000 won. You can also purchase the feeding experience, so make sure you buy it there. Around the road by the ticket booth and through the blue metal door, there will be roe deer just right there. The roe deer are very cautious and they usually do it get too close to humans. But if you buy the feeding session course at the entrance, something magical will happen. Show your ticket at the door and you will get a bundle of spindle tree branches and roe deer will try to get to you so fast. When you break them into pieces and feed them, they'll make some of the strangest sounds and get busy eating them. Here is a chance to touch the roe deer when they are busy eating. One thing to keep in mind is that you should always wash your hands after, as they are wild animals. And if you got their saliva on your hands, make you go wash them as well. The guides at the center will say the same so please keep that in mind.

Pass the feeding station and you'll be at the walking trail. The entire Roe Deer Observation Center is open for roe deer to run so when you are on the trail, you will see the deer hop around. One more tip is to go around 1-2 in the afternoon when they are at their most active state. By 3 pm, it will be hard to spot them 

It is best to come to Roe Deer Observation Center around early summer or in the fall as there will be hydrangeas on the road. Just at the right time, you'll be able to see the animals hop around the hills of hydrangeas. And in the fall Eoksae or silver grass will be everywhere. There will be no need to go on Oreums or Sangumburi Crater to go see them. And it's much less crowded so this would be a perfectly private walk for those who want them. There are benches and resting areas on the trail so have a seat and watch roe deer hop around you.

The quite and serene time at your hideout, Roe Deer Observation Center, visit before it gets crowded, as this will soon be the Holy Land.

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