Sniffing Around Jeju #2 Jeoji Oreum

It has become quite chilly in Jeju.

Since Bori came to Jeju, I've been traveling different parts of Jeju on foot much more often. As it was getting colder and walking around Jeju seemed to be difficult. As I was contemplating how to resolve this, it dawned on me that I should drive. There was a corporate car the ten members could use but no one seemed to use that opportunity. I wanted a better travel experience for Bori and myself so I gave a driving test a shot. And I got it in 5 days. As I drive, I noticed that why I haven't done this earlier.

If I ever get my driver's license, I first wanted to go to the beach with Bori. But the wintertime in Jeju is too cold for Bori to really enjoy so I decided to take Bori to my next choice, an Oreum.

I wished that Bori wouldn't get car sick, but Bori used to get sick on the mainland. So he needed some time to get used to the car. Bori wouldn't be used to the smell of the car so I used to sit in the backseat of the car with him t give him treats and get him used to the car.

If it were just a person traveling one place to another in a car, it'd be very simple. But for a car, it's much different. On the day we went to climb the Oreum, I got a few things ready. I had some water, bowl, treats, waste bag, leash and the trash bag to collect any waste

We went to Jeoji Oreum. It is awarded as the Beautiful Forest of Korea and to uphold its name, the main trail and the walking trail around the crater is well maintained. According to one source, Oreum is identified as Eoksae Oreum (silver grass Oreum), Mindoong Oreum (bare Oreum) and Soop Oreum (forest Oreum). Jeoji Oreum is an iconic Soop Oreum with a beautiful forest. But it used to be a Mindoog with no trees around. The village people began to plant a trees or two and now it is chosen as one of the most forest in the country.

You often worry about the parking space around Jeju but Jeoji Oreum has a parking space at the entrance. To give you a tip, you may be surprised to find that if you enter Jeoji Oreum as your destination, you won't get to the parking lot. It will only take you to the entrance of the trail. So go to your right and soon you'll be at the parking lot. 

Bori got busy sniffing around Oreum on his hike. It probably gave him an opportunity to experience the new smell that he doesn't get during his daily walks around the house. It is about 2.3 km (1.5 mi) long its 1,350 m (0.8 mi) high but if you walk along the trail, you wouldn't think it's too high. Bori didn't have much problem either.

The scenery along the way also enhances the experience. The trees standing next to one another create a tunnel of forest made some of the most beautiful waves of light through the leaves. 

Because this is the Oreum maintained by the locals of the neighborhood, you can see the little details they left. There are benches and resting areas you can sit and take a moment which was great for small dogs like Bori. Bori would often catch a breath and get some water.

I don't know if this is a common thing, to climb an Oreum with a pet. I had a sense of connection as I climbed with Bori. Bori always asked a little bit ahead of me. And he would see how I was doing every so often and would walk next to me. This wasn't a Mindoong, or bare Oreum so we couldn't do a free run but it was a good enough experience for us.

Ever since the climb, Bori began to like being in a car. If we walk by the company car, he'd always stop by the backseat of the car and look at me. I'm sure he does that with the expectation for us to go somewhere. And when I see him do that, I get the same expectation for us. There is carsickness for now but if we go on adventure more often, maybe longer and more fun adventures may be possible. And it would b a great opportunity for me to introduce more places where pets are welcomed. I really hope so.

<This series was inspired by a book, 제주犬학>

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