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What's Daily Picnic?

"Is there any way I can feel the nature of Jeju?"

So, Daily Jeju made a full package of picnic box that you can just pick up, enjoy the nature and return.

Where to picnic?

When you order the picnic box, Daily Jeju will contact you for special picnic spot!

(Recently Daily Jeju recommend you to picnic around Seogwipo area)

How to picnic?

Order the picnic → Pick up the box → Enjoy the picnic → Return the picnic

1) Reserve / Order : Click here or Send a message to us (bottom right corner)

2) Select an option that you like to order.

Pick up and Return

If you order full package, you only can pick up the box at Duke Surf Bistro (Click here for the address) between 1pm to 3pm(on Sunday only after 1:30 pm).

Return will be your on choice of options below.

1) Duke Surf Bistro (Google Map)

2) KAILUA (Google Map)

What's in the picnic box?

Daily Picnic only uses re-userable material.

In the pincic box, (if you select the food) one lunch box, warmer for the drink, 2 cups for the drink, and etc items shown in the picture below.

For the food, you can select either Nasi Goreng(Spiced-fried rice) or Fish Taco from 'Duke Surf Bistro' and Coffee from 'Be Brave.'


Cancel can be only accepted a day before the reservation day.

No cancelation on the reservation day.

holiday : every Tuesday

10월 중순부터 제주 내에 달고기(존도리) 수급이 좋지 않아, 피시타코 제공이 불가합니다.

우천시에는 듀크 서프 비스트로에서 식음료를 즐기실 수 있으며, 태풍 등의 자연재해로 인한 취소는 당일에도 가능합니다.

For avoiding any damage on the items in of the box and fraud, we keep ID or Credit card during the picnic.

Reservation has to be two days before the picnic day.

You can reserve the picnic through Kakaotalk or Instagram DM for checking out available date of the picnic.

KakaoTalk / Insta : @Dailyjeju

⦿ 데일리 피크닉에 포함된 모든 식음료에 대한 식품 안전법 상의 법적책임은 개별 업체에 있습니다.

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