Oreum (n): a noun conjugation of the verb, to climb.

Oreum (n): a Jeju dialect for parasitic cones. It is reported there are more than 360 Oreums all around the Jeju.

If you asked what you thought of hiking, most of people would have similar images in their minds. It's the images of retirees with enjoying the sceneries and wild flowers you often see on various channels of social media. And for some time, we were led to believe that hiking isn't cool or relevant enough for the younger generations.

If you asked the tourists coming to Jeju where they would like to visit, most of them would say, the beautiful beach, crystal clear ocean water and other famous restaurants.

But Jeju is filled with treasured places waiting to be discovered. There are more than 360 Oreums or parasitic cones all around Jeju Island.

Try hiking one of these cones with your one or two trustworthy buddies and race up and down and grab a bowlful of makgeolli or enjoy a plate of seasoned Gondeure, or Korean thistles afterwards.

Rather, you can leisurely hike up an Oreum with friends or loved ones. If the hike is too strenuous, you can still enjoy by bike or car.

You can also take a shot of your lifetime with the seaside scenery.

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of Oreums in Jeju with all different charms. You will find them all completely different.

Now, welcome to the new charms of Jeju!


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