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The convulsion of the heaven and earth. A completely different adrenaline rush to the roller coasters.

Expensive and quick but worth it if you are looking to experience something different.

Pain lasts short, but the memory lasts forever.

Let us be one in a big ball (oh, you know what I mean)

So now, let's go into some details.

The Big Ball experience is one of a kind excursion where you sit in a big ball (hence the name) and some puddle of water is filled into the ball. And you get to roll around freely inside a ball as it rolls down a hill. 

The water that gets filled always gets changed. So NO worries on safety issue. 


As the ball rolls down, the water will splash all over inside the ball. So it's a good idea to bring new towels and other waterproof clothes. 

With water in the ball, it is somewhat refreshing. But it isn't as thrilling as it looks. It's accurate to compare to the excitement of waterslides. 

There's also Zorbing Experience where you are tied down to the ball throughout the roll down. If my previous experiences with rides can be described as one-dimensional horror and thrill, the Zorbing Experience can be described as four-dimensional. You can now relate to your dirty clothes as they get washed inside a washer. No, at least the dirty clothes don't get tied down. Yes, this is much more advanced form of cruelty. 

Rushing the wild field with all four limbs tied to the ball, I can't help myself to think that I have become the ball itself. The ball has become a part of me as I have become a part of it. 

For those who wish to experience the ball-istic nirvana, but doesn't want to be in the splash zone, Zorbing Experience is highly recommended. 

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