Imagine a perfect afternoon in Jeju. 

The emerald-colored ocean, a meadow filled with greenery and beautiful natural landscape is some of the things that easily come to your mind. 

Now, imagine a perfect evening in Jeju. What hate you got? Not much, it's hard to think of anything about the nightlife in Jeju. 

Then let us introduce to you an unusual night view of Jeju, the view of Seyeongyo.

Seyeongyo is the bridge that connects the Seogwipeo Port and Sae Island. Inspired by the shape of Jeju's traditional log raft called, Tewoo, Seyeongyo is the southernmost longest bridge of Korea. 

It is beautiful by day but Seyeongyo glistens in all different colors during the nighttime. 

Walking along the fridge and listen to the music and the waves moving. Watch the blue horizon from the distance and boats floating on the sea. All these things would make you feel 

The beautiful night view of Jeju, Seyeongyo will make you feel warm and cozy inside. 

And who knows, maybe the bridge will lead you to an unexpected adventure.  

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