Jeju's summer has come. 


It is a weather that makes you scream, "it's too hooooooootttt!!!" This is kind of a weather that would want to make you jump into the ocean, but I have a deadline to meet so won't you join me to another adventure of an Oreum?

With the sun scorching, it's easy to imagine yourself turning into a rotisserie chicken any time now. So I would like to introduce you to an Oreum you can easily get to by car, Geum Oreum. This is the perfect Oreum you can get to without breaking a sweat. 

Geum Oreum is also referred to as Geumak Oreum or Geomun Oreum. If you set Geum Oreum as your destination on your GPS, you will be taken to an unfamiliar ranch or a cattle shed. Do not stop here but continue on the road until you see the forest that looks like forest fairies would come out to sprinkle you with magical dust. Pass this forest tunnel and you will find the way to Geum Oreum. 

If you are driving, someone might jump out of a corner and another car might be coming down from the other side so let's slow down as much as possible. Of course, pedestrians should watch out for oncoming cars, as the road is quite narrow. 

On your way up, grand Hallasan on your right and countless Oreums await you. Geum Oreum isn't too steep or too high so anyone can find it easy to hike on foot or by wheels. I personally had leisurely listened to music, take pictures and selfies ;) and soon enough, I got to the summit no problem. 

Geum Oreum sits on the west side of Jeju Island. In fact, the most iconic Oreum of this area is Sebyul, as introduced on our Ep. #1. But Geum is as beautiful as Sebyul and a much better option for those who find it difficult too hike or have never been to an Oreum before. 

At the summit by the rim of the crater, take a walk to enjoy the view. If you visit after a shower, you can see the crater holds the rainwater inside. It isn't as deep as the Crater Lake at Baekrokdam summit. But this wetland is an unusual geological beauty, so feel free to take a picture. 

This is my two cents, but try to visit Geum by the sunset. Because there is no shade, going there during the middle of the day may not be most pleasant. You'll just want to get out and sit in the shade. You won't be able to fully enjoy what the place has to offer. 

Another reason is the saturated flaming sun reaching the golden ocean and the village by the sunset is just picture perfect. You'll never see the golden ocean unless it's around this time of the day. 

If you have rented a car in Jeju, have an early dinner, walk around the crater of Geum and take a picture or two. 

Geum Oreum (Overall :★★)

Location : San 1-1, Geumak-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

One of the few Oreums you can get to by car. Prepared to be moved when seeing the ocean by the sunset. The hike isn't very difficult but getting here by the public transportation is. Recommended to those with cars. 

Getting there by foot/public transportation : ★

[Bus] 783-2 to Yangdondanji (hog farm complex) 

Double check the time table and or take the cab. 

Getting there by car : ★★★★★

You can get to the summit by car. End of the story. If you have a car, the sky is your limit. Just beware of the oncoming traffic and pedestrians when driving up. And enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean before the sunset. 

Due to the popularity of Hyori's Bed and Breakfast and its visit to Geum, the number of visitors has risen and now new restriction has been enforced. So please keep in mind. 

Difficulty : ★★

Even be walking, you can reach the summit in half an hour and with the option to drive up, this is an easy trail. The slope is not too steep so a leisure hike can expected. 

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