1. We are in Jeju! Cool beans!

Jeju is a perfect romantic getaway for any couple. But what are some of the things on their romantic retreat that can make the trip special? They can go on the drive by the coastline, go have a perfect cup of joe at cute cafes or take a picture at theme parks. 

But one can wonder, hmm... That doesn't sound so special. No, it sounds exactly like what we usually do on the mainland! We have taken our time and efforts to get to Jeju, shouldn't we try a little harder?

So now Daily Jeju proudly presents!

For the couples going completely head over heels, Gunsan Oreum in Seogwipo.

Of Jeju, for Jeju and by Jeju, there is a tour of an Oreum where one is good but two is better!

2. The Drive with the Uncanny Adrenaline Rush 

Like Geum Oreum, introduced on our previous episode, Gunsan Oreum can be reached by car but it feels rather different. The car ride is barely 5 minutes long but the unobstructed view of the scenery makes this unpaved one-way lane much more thrilling. 

It just feels like you are about to fall off the cliff on the side. 

In this nerve-wrecking moment, if the special someone sitting on the passenger seat is there with you, wouldn't you be able to stay a little bit calmer? 

Even on your dreadful way down, you'll be able to escape this challenge victoriously with the support of your lover. 

3. Perfect Picture for Your Bae

After this short but memorable drive, you will arrive at the small lot where you can park your car. Follow up the wooden stairs and you'll reach the summit where you feel like you can reach the Hallasan and seafront of Seogwipo. 

The best thing about Gunsan Oreum is that it is located so close to the ocean which makes this beautiful ocean-view sight. 

But if we ended there, we wouldn't dare to recommend it so highly of it. Gunsan Oreum has something more than the breathtaking view. It's the small but steep summit of the summit. 

Unless you are a fear of heights, make sure to climb up the impressive top of that crimson rock and take a picture while standing up and ONLY standing up is highly recommended. The completely unobstructed view from the summit of the summit is the picture to show to your grandchildren, a perfect photo op for couples with awesome duck-faces never to be missed. 

4. Stroll along the Oreum

With the car ride the whole trip to Gunsan Oreum may only take half an hour, a little too quick. But there is another way to enjoy it. If you don't want the hassle of driving the unpaved narrow road or wish to enjoy this Oreum with no time restraint with your loved ones, visit during the morning or late afternoon when you can easily get to the summit without the heat. 

This cozy gentle slope welcomes you to half an hour walk to the summit. You can see a boulder that looks like a lion and wild flowers on the way. They are like small gifts you get for taking the time to walk this Oreum. 

This Oreum is one of the regular favorites of the locals, so feel free to walk along the side of the trails as one of them immersed in the native culture of Jeju. 

Another name for this trail is "Road of Memories," no way to find out the origin behind but this unexpected name surely isn't bad one. 

This exact moment today will be a precious memory to be jotted down which makes our every action to be the best version we create. 

It is no surprise that this place will make you fall in love even more. Even the thought of this Oreum is romantic. 

Ever in need of special occasion with special someone in the middle of the wondrous nature? Hold the hands of your loved ones and run, to Gunsan Oreum. 

Gunsan Oreum (Overall :★★★★)

Location : 564 Changcheon-ri Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si

Oreum by car or by foot, both are very good options at Gunsan Oreum. 

Gunsan Oreum is perfect with any company but we, Daily Jeju recommend you visit with your romantic partner. Make it through the adrenaline-inducing road to the top and promise the ever-lasting love. Maybe you'll feel you have gotten closer to your partner. 

Of course, the view is still breathtaking even if you go alone. So no need to make that sad Pepe the Frog face. :’-(

Getting there by foot/public transportation : ★

Leaving from 

Jeju-si : [Bus] 751-2 to Changcheon-ri and 1 hour walk to the entrance of the trail. The driving course can too narrow to avoid the oncoming traffic (narrow enough to fall off the cliif) so if you are traveling by public transportation, always use the trails for hikers (2 hours to the starting point).

Seogwipo-si : [Bus] 530-2 from Jeju World Cup Stadium, Seogwipo-si Intercity Bus Terminal → Andeok Valley Station and walk to the trails (an hour and half to the starting point). This can also be inconvenient if under time constraint. Renting a car is recommended. 

Getting there by car : ★★★★

Gunsan Oreum is located between Jungmun and Sanbangsan. So if you are on your way back from west of Jeju and heading to Jungmun, this is a quick perfect spot. 

It earns a major brownie point for visitors with time constraint as it has a parking space so close to the summit, but loses the point, as that road is unforgiving. Inexperienced drivers should come prepared, as this road is narrower than the one in Geum Oreum. 

Difficulty : ★★

One of the easiest Oreums if you’re traveling by car. The trail is well maintained thanks to the village neighbors who spent their time and energy. It is a pleasant 20-minute hike to

The summit. Don't be scared by the grandeur of this Oreum and feel free to come casually.

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