It has now become almost impossible to find the new hidden gems in Jeju. In the hyper-connected society, we now live in the world of no secret and absolute transparency. And Jeju now changes by day as it begins to complicate itself and urbanize rapidly. The relaxing and quite places that we used to love to walk have gone away. But if you ask me, "are there any walking trails we can still enjoy in privacy?" Then I recommend you the true hidden gem of all walking trails, Eongal Coast.

The walking trail by this coast is located under the Suwolbong Peak known for its beautiful sunset. It is chosen as a Under-discovered attraction of Korea and Global Geoparks by the UNESCO. But at the entrance, you'll wonder if you are even at the right place. Untouched by men or humble may be one way of expressing this place but the "Falling Rocks" signs post everywhere don't really give you the impression that this place is well-maintained.

Begin at the starting point and keep left and see the lonely candlelight inside the end of the cave. Is this some sort of religious ceremony? This doesn't really seem appropriate place to come alone.

But fear not and carry on!

The Eongal Coast walking trail is along the coastal line, but maybe because it's located under high cliff, it makes you feel you are in a separate place, away from the rest of the world. ;)

The secretive walking trail is perfect for those who wish to spend some time in privacy. During your walk, you'll get to see the beautiful scenery of the Jeju ocean and the mystical Chagwi Island unravel before you.

The trail really needs to be enjoyed by the sunset, as this place is known as one of the most beautiful sunset on Jeju Island.

When we usually think of a sunset, we normally think of red burning sun that marks the day of the day, or the epitome of the word, The End.

But unlike those sunsets, the view of the sunset here on Eongal Coast is different. As the night falls, the sun begins to paint the sky Chagwi Island gold. And you'll be walking towards the golden island where the end feels like another beginning.

If you are looking for a nice place for a short walk with your travel partner, how about a romantic trotting on Eongal Coast?

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