When it's the springtime visits the door of Jeju, the first guest at the front is the yellow canola flower. When you see the right yellow flowers covering the entire field, you can feel in the air that the long winter is gone and spring is coming.

With such vibrant colors to make it look artificial, these yellow canola flowers are right out a scene in Big Fish. In this Tim Burton's film flipping back and forth between characters' reality and imagination, the best scene must be that Ewan McGregor's proposal scene on the field of daffodils.

This blindingly vibrant field of canola flowers is just like the field of daffodils McGregor stood in the movie. 

Canola now became the messenger of spring in Jeju.

Jeju is known for their canola flowers, as the oil extracted from rapeseed has been a local delicacy for a long time. (Warning: Not True)

The harsh wind and typhoons in Jeju had made it a difficult place to grow sesame. So instead, canola was grown and harvested. This canola that can be harvested and extracted before the typhoon comes had been a valuable source of oil. Canola in Korean reads Yuchae. It means oil and vegetable. This valuable plant is so versatile that can turn into oil or a vegetable dish. That is the background story of Jeju's iconic flower. 

Standing on the yellow canola flower field with Jeju's ocean or Oreum in the background, the fragrance of the flower delivered by the wings of the wind tickles your the top of your nose. The wind may still be cold but the fragrance of the flower has the message from the spring that it is on its way. Canola means cheerful and merry in the language of the flower. It surely is an appropriate meaning for the springtime. 

Of course, be mindful of the pollen when trying to take pictures in the field of canola. The famous strong wind will also accompany you around. 

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