Browsing though small cute things can make you feel happy. It may be that "beautiful trash" like some may say, but buying these items with low prices makes you feel you're a petite bourgeoisie. You are exercising your inner vanity by buying small tiny luxury items. (Warning: This is an incorrect usage of the term, petite bourgeoisie.)

The flea markets started opening everywhere and became an excellent place for this vanity exercising. Local talents around the country moved to Jeju and the flea markets began to open more and became a steady culture here. 

Bellong Market at the Sehwa Port like its adorable name has such charming items sold my charming sellers. Maybe thanks to its cute pronunciation of the name, this flea market is particularly more popular among the visitors. Bellong Market only opens from 11 to 1 each Saturday and features items inspired by the oceans. Bellong in Jeju dialect means the diamond shape the light sparkles in distance. With this word and Jang, meaning a market, Bellongjang, referred to by the locals was born. It surely is a fitting name which only sparkles by the port two hours. 

The word Bellong rolls so naturally in your mouth. Let us buy a few souvenirs that resemble Jeju and take them with you. Whenever you are down from your city life, taking out the souvenirs bought at Bellong Market with be an excremental idea to reminisce your time in Jeju and the cute market sitting in front of the beautiful sea. But bear in that, you might get to hear, "what is this crap?" 

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