Listen to the waves of the ocean and creaking of the grass insects on your camp out in Jeju!

Camping tips from photographer Kim, Han who biked across Eurasia!

[Why should we camp out in Jeju?]

Because the experience is very different if you were to stay at a hotel or guesthouse. There would be no need to make a reservation and schedule your trip around the check-in and checkout time and be anywhere I want, whenever I want. 

Camping isn't like staying at any accommodation, but it provides special experience where you can be a part of the nature of Jeju, even for a short period of time. 

[What is a good way to find a campsite?]

You can camp in the forest of Jungsangan area or by the beach. It is nice and quite during the evening and can have much privacy in Jungsangan, but the downside is that you should be very cautious when starting a campfire. There are parts of the forest where camping or cooking is prohibited so please double check the area before you put up a tent. 

Compared to the forest, the beach can be a bit easier (of course you'd still have to be careful). The beach usually gave more campsite amenities like the bathrooms or sinks, compared to the Jungsangan. But the strong ocean wind can shake your tent sometimes, and the constant sound of the waves can be a difficulty for light sleepers.

[Who would you recommending camping?]

In my personal opinion, camping would be a good experience for anyone who is worn out. From my experience traveling across Eurasia and all around Korea, I got to meet different people often. And from talking with them, I got to think of all things I had never before. Hearing the stories of people who leads their lives so different from me can be positive and become a source of energy to keep it going. It doesn't happen every time, but for those who needs take a break, it'll be nice to have some time just for you. 

[What are some of the things should be kept in mind when camping?]

Please keep in mind of fire hazard and cleaning yourselves after. After the end of each summer with the visitors gone, all notable mountains around the country are either filled with trash or you'd hear of the forest fire. And this just breaks my heart. 

To prevent the wild fire, make sure to pour some water or stack some rocks around the campfire so the embers wouldn't flick. Or if this feels a little inconvenient, there are windshields and small portable burners you can use. It would be nice if you could also bring fire extinguisher, too. 

With trash, please take them all with you to the designated dumping area. With food waste, especially wet ones with salt in them, dumping them over the forest is to be deadly. So please be mindful in disposing them. It will be nice to cook just the right portion, but inevitably you have this food waste, please keep it in a container and dispose then. 

[What are some of the things to keep in mind in putting up a tent?]

Jeju is very windy so it's advised to find a place where you can avoid the strong wind. And make if the peg can be secured into the ground. Spiking the tent peg into the ground, please double check if there aren't any ants’ nest or cocoons as being attacked by ants can happen. 

During heavy rain, be mindful of the floor of the tent inside. The tents these days mostly are waterproofed, but with rainwater on the floor, the inside of the tent will get wet so have extra sheets of tarp in handy. I would recommend layering the tarp on the ground before setting up the tent. It will keep the tent dry.

[How should the tents be managed after the camping?]

First, if there is any moisture still left on the tent, make sure to dry them thoroughly. Just a little bit of mold can be enough to spread. When drying, remove the peg and turn it upside down with the frame left on. Clean off the dirt and dust with a dry cloth. The flysheet should be fried from a tree hanging or leave on the road. 

Normally, 30 minutes even under wet weather should suffice. And leaving the tent without drying will ruin the tent so please keep it nice and dry!

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