The word, stargazing just has something so moving about it. Stars glistening in the far distance alone with poison are enough to stretch your mind and imagination. 

The names of asteroids are made up of numbers and alphabets in some disarray. Or names like Sirius or Alpha Centauri will fill your curious and imaginative minds.

But now those living in a city have lost the privilege of seeing the starlight. The city can be generous enough to give them the streetlights that illuminate the streets during the dark nights but in return, they have taken the stars away. Now one would have to head much far out the city and climb mountains to witness this lost beauty. 

Thankfully, the night sky in Jeju still is filled with stars. Although they are parts of Jeju that is being changed due to fast paced development, a clear night at Jeju can be quite generous with its countless stars. It will be a shame to even compare to the night sky of Seoul which will barely, or if that, have a few (even that may be satellites).

There are two things that come to mind when in discussing Jeju: Oreums and the sea. These two can give you the best stargazing experiences than any lodging you may be spending your night. And there are places with easier accessibility and clearer visibility of the stars. The harder it is to get to the viewing place, the easier it is to see the stars. But it shouldn't be too challenging. We're not here to explore the outback. 

These are stars closely seated one after another with a city as their backdrop. It is always a little daunting to go stargazing as there are no guarantees to see the stars. There will be stars on the way to the destination, but it will be difficult to see any yet as your eyes are still adjusting to the new intensity of light and catch the subtle brightness of the darkness. Once the eyes have adjusted in the darkness, the sky will let you see the starlight you couldn't see under the bright light of the city. It is the incomparable beauty to the faint and indistinct artificial night view of cities. 

Another highlight of the night was the half-moon floating so uncanny. It is in the first sight you would have witnessed. The moon was up so low, too close to the earth. My company standing in front of this surreal moon made us look like we are floating somewhere at the end of the universe. 

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