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[Travel Planner] #2 Get to Know Jungmun In and Out

Hi, I'm Jade, your Travel Planner. Today's episode is on Jungmun, a perfect one-day course for those who want to challenge them self on surfing. This is especially great with friends and family but you may be exhausted at the end of the day so it may be a great idea to book your lodging in Jungmun. There's not whole lot of traveling from one place to another but you may want to grab a pint of beer and fall straight to sleep. ;)

[Jungmun Suduri Bomal Kalguksu]

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This is one of the places I always bring guest. 

This is a great seafood noodle place where they use some of the freshest ingredients like hijiki, the elixir plant of the ocean to make fresh noodles and Bomal, conch in Jeju dialect to make a bowl of ultimately Jeju dish where you can feel the ocean in every bite. The fresh thick noodle made on the premise is wonderful in texture! And the bowl of warm and savory Bomal porridge is even better when you are feeling under the weather. They are all simple dishes that are perfect for pre-surfing meals. If you are looking to get something very local, Travel Planner highly recommends this place! :)

Address: Jeju-do, Seogwipo-si, Cheonjeyeon-ro 190 

Opening Hours: 8:00 - 16:00 (Closed on First and Third Wednesday)

Phone Number: 060-739-1070


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One of the hottest lounge cafes in Seogwipo at the moment is Vadada. It is a place you can lie down, look out the ocean and drink a delicious cup of coffee during the day. And it's also a place you can grab a cocktail under the perfect light with music in the evening! This place brings the better of the two worlds in one place.

The view during the day of the Jeju ocean on a comfy couches makes it ideal for you to enjoy the moment. On the rooftop, there are rows of red couches to contrast clear blue sky of Jeju and this is one of the most popular areas of this place.

And kudos to the DJ who plays day and night to entertain the guest!

If you have an insect repellent, it may be a good idea to go into the forest area on the right. There may be some insects there but it's the most romantic area of Vadada. Continue inside and you will get to see the ocean better.

Perfect shot for your Instagram account!

It gets pretty busy during the day so it might be better to come on slow weekdays, but the look and feel of the place changes in the evening and gets better on the weekends.

Perfect lounge bar in front of the beach! I came on slow workday but it gets busy, like hottest-clubs-in-town-busy on the weekend evening.

They have evening menu which includes cocktails or beer and there are virgin drinks for those in need, so don't worry! It's great in the day and night so come visit at your convenience. :)


Instagram: @vadada.jeju

Address: Jeju-do, Seogwipo-si, Daepo-ro 148-15 

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 1:00 AM

Phone Number: 070-4139-2000 

[Jungmun Saekdal Beach] 

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In order to experience the highlight of Jungmun, surfing, you need to make a reservation.

You might think, "I know how to swim," or "I can snowboard. It's the same thing," or "I only need a surfboard to teach myself." But please don't. Surfing is a serious sport where you have to follow by strict rules of surfers in order to understand the changing waves.

If this is your first time surfing, please take a lesson for everybody's safety.

There are many surf shops you can take a lesson from but make sure they offer lesson as they may just rent gears or offer lodging. 


Quick tip:

Make sure you bring your swimsuits, sunscreen, sandals, other toiletries and a bag to keep everything in. This goes for both men and women. There is a public shower at the beach so you can take a quick shower there.

And if you think surf suits don't look cool and decide to wear swimsuits, you may get scratched so please be safe and wear the appropriate suits. If you are worried about the sunlight, bring yourself a waterproof sunscreen and wipes!


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If you have been burning some calories, this is the time to enjoy your delicious supper. Grab a bite and beer and talk about surfing at the perfect surfer's hideout! Pyeongri, located 15 minutes away from Jungmun, Duke's is a bistro owned by an avid surfer who came to Jeju to start a new life.

You will notice the colorful surfboards on display. Haha. These are all the owner's old boards that he chose to show them at his restaurant. And there are his current boards on display as well which make me, also another avid surfer want to keep looking at them. The wine glass rack with the shape of the surfboard is quite nice too.

I am also drooling right now thinking about Duke's best dish, Jeju Nasi goreng which he localized the recipe with the freshest local ingredients for local guests.

Look at all the colors! It is colorful in mouth too! It's salty, spicy and hint of sweetness in one bowl. And just pop that egg yolk and mix with the rice! It looks typically Southeast Asian but it's got everything everybody around the world loves.

Duke's also serves beautifully stacked burger with some of the juiciest patties and fried hanchi or Korean cuttlefish which is a perfect combo for beer!

Duke's offers tap beer from Jeju Magpie which makes this place a great option to get some food and drinks and have a good time. 

Instagram: @duke1251 

Address: Jeju-do Seogwipo-si, Andeok-myeon, Sogiwat-ro 81-22 

Opening Hours: Closed Tuesday 15:00 - 23:00 

Phone Number: 070-8877-1251 

You can go to Vadada on the night or day you choose to go surfing. So for example, go to Jungmun Suduri Bomal Kalguksu, surfing, Duke's and Vadada (for evening). Or the waves bad or you can't go surfing; go to Jungmun Suduri Bomal Kalguksu, Vadada (for daytime), Yeomiji Botanical Garden and Duke's. 

If you stay at a surf shop guesthouse, you probably wouldn't need to schedule for dinner as you can enjoy BBQ there or hangout with other surfers! Then you can schedule them for the next time. Hope to see you again!

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