# 4 Making Melchovy Pasta

At most BBQ places in Jeju-style, you'd easily find a small dish of fish brine called, meljeot (멜젓) as a dipping sauce for your meat. This mel is a type of anchovy frequently found around the sea of Jeju. Well, this is not technically an anchovy but can't say that it's not an anchovy. Simply, it's a little complicated. 

Meljeot is made with cleanly washed and salted anchovy much like how Italians preserve their anchovy fillets. Of course, the amount of salt used and the use of olive oils are some major differences, but they are similar enough for us to try our version of pasta with anchovy garlic sauce with meljeot. And here is our brave attempt to create the world's very first Jeju fusion cuisine. [Yoo, Taewoo, Food Expert]


A tablespoon of meljeot (about two fillets)

1 person serving of pasta

1 stalk of minari (Korean dropwort)

Handful of parsley

1 tomato

4 or 5 pepperoncino (or pepperoncini, since it is plural)

3 cloves of garlic 

Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper and olive oil 


Making pasta seems quite difficult but if you actually give it a try, it is a series of simple steps that gives you a delicious meal at the end. Please try this at home.


1. Load up a large pot with water enough for your pasta.

2. Put salt in your water enough for you to think it's salty. 

3. Put your pasta into the water, once the salted water begins to boil.

4. Leave the pasta boiling. The cooked yields of the pasta depend on its type and shape. So please double check the cooking directions on the packages. 

5. Drain your pasta once the pasta is cooked, and save some pasta water about half a cup, 100ml (3oz) for later.


1. Leave your parsley and minari in ice-cold water and let them sit for a few minutes to get nice and crisp. 

2. Slice your garlic as thinly as possible. But be careful not to hurt yourself. 

3. Prepare your pepperoncino how you'd like to. You can use them as a whole or crush it to get more kicks. 

4. Remove the tomato seeds. Slice your tomato. You'll only be using a quarter of a tomato (1 person serving). 

5. Tear the leaves of minari. 

6. Chop the leaves of parsley very small for decoration. 

7. Chop meljeot thoroughly to avoid any unwanted fish bones. 


1. Load meljeot on your olive-oiled and heated skillet. 

2. Add garlic and pepperoncino when meljeot is slightly cooked. 

3. Add the sliced tomato once the garlic begins to turn gold. 

4. Add the pasta water into the skillet and get it to a slow boil. Check the consistency of the sauce and add more water if necessary.

5. Cook the tomato like you would boil it (FYI: Tomato will begin to yield its sweet flavor when stir fried for along time, but we are doing this to keep its texture!). 

6. Add your pasta into the skillet and stir quickly for 30 seconds to a minute.

7. Check the saltiness to your liking. It can get a little salty if you leave the pasta water get evaporated. 

8. Add the leaves of minari and stir until the color gets darker and the stem gets softer. 

9. Add freshly ground pepper.

10. Place everything on your plate and sprinkle the chopped parsley on top. Enjoy!


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