[Migyulin Guide] #9. Ujin Haejangguk

Korean vocabulary of the day

Gyul (n): Korean word for tangerine, a delicacy of Jeju.

Have you been drinking before you came to Jeju? Or maybe because it's your last day on this island?

Ujin Haejangguk is a local favorite that opens early in the morning at 5 to late evening which lets visitors to enjoy their soup for hangover breakfast, supper or even to pair with Soju. This place has been on all kinds of food shows on TV and been a buzz-worthy restaurant on social media. Haejangguk, which translates as "hangover soup," usually consists of clear meat and vegetable broth to ease the dehydration the morning after some heavy drinking. 

But the traditional Gosari Haejangguk is made with pork bones broth, much like the soup of Japanese Tonkoktsu ramen, and shredded pork, Jeju wild Gosari, or Korean Fernbrake and buckwheat powder. Unlike other Haejangguk, this is a rather thick soup.

To be honest, the first impression and the consistency of the soup may not be completely appetizing, but it's uncanny aroma of soup is pleasurable enough to make you forget its first impression. The texture can't be furthest from porridge, which you would expect from its consistency. It is a perfect balance of crisp Gosari and soft fatty pork. 

It goes well with rice whichever way you would prefer. You can either put your rice into the soup or separate. As pork is the main ingredient of the soup and may be a little greedy for some, so enjoy the brined squid or kimchi offered with the meal. 

Try to begin and end your Jeju visit with a bowl of hearty Jeju Haejangguk!

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