[Migyulin Guide] #10. Cheonjitgol Sikdang

Korean vocabulary of the day

Gyul (n): Korean word for tangerine, a delicacy of Jeju.

Ya'll Ever Tried Dombe Meat, the Special Occasion Food in Jeju?

What are some of special occasion food frequent to the dinner tables on Jeju Island?

The most iconic dish is Dombe Meat (it rhymes with ombré). You may have heard of this dish since you came to Jeju. Dombe in Jeju dialect means a cutting board. So for the tough times when protein from meat wasn't widely available, serving thinly sliced steamed pork on a cutting board on special occasions like wedding has invented this wonderful local dish. 

Koreans love Suyuk, or steamed pork and it's widely available at countless restaurants. But Cheonjitgol Sikdang offers some of the best steamed pork thanks to this years of experience. They offer two options for steamed pork: 1. Fattier part and 2. Meatier part. 

This is no ordinary restaurant that serves quality Dombe Meat, but it caters to each customer and explain the right way to enjoy the dish for everyone as shown in the video. And their Momguk, soup made with pork and Sargassum, or a type of macroalgae is excellent, even for a novice.

It is an excellent option to enjoy with your rice and a great conversation piece. A shot of Soju, a piece of Dombe Meat or a shot of Soju and a spoonful of Momguk can be a perfect combo. 

What makes your meal even more special is when the owner of the restaurant comes to your table, cut your meat with her skillful knife and explain the right way to enjoy your food. 

The best Dombe Meat in Jeju! Why don't you try a piece today!

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