Be sure to check the information of the bus for Jeju Island when you ride the bus.

The Jeju Island bus system has been reorganized since August 26, 2017. As you can see in the video, you can see the western and eastern views of Jeju Island at once.

Let me check the updated information before going on a bus trip to Seoul and Tokyo.

- After the bus has been reorganized. -

Buses are running in the city to all parts of the town.

The bus fare for all areas of Cheju is 1,200 won

Transfer discount on transportation card (30 minutes - > 40 minutes, 2 times)

< Dongil Main Line (No. 101, 201-1-4) that we took when we were filming >

The Dongilju bus offers views of Hamdeok beach, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and Gimnyeong Beach, passing by the marked line.

The scene at the end of the movie is taken with the same main background. Another landscape that is different from the west is the " beach " and the sea view are more beautiful from Dongilju.

1. Eastern Journal Express (No. 101)

2. Dongil Joo (201-1)

3. Dongil Joo (201-2)

4. Dongil Joo (201-3)

5. Dongil Joo (201-4)

< Seo Il Joo Line (No. 102, 202-1-4) that was on board during filming >

Seoiljuro is the course to Seogwipo via Aewol-eup, Hallim and Jungmun. Many tourists use Seoilju-ro to go to Jungmun. Aewol and Hangyeong are also some of the places where the sea view is very beautiful.

The first scene of the movie was all filmed with Seoil as the background.

1. Seoul-Day Express route (102)

2. Seoul-Day route (202-1)

3. Seoul-Day route (202-2)


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