There is a place that turns white much before it snows. It is the buckwheat field, Boromwat in Pyoseon-myeon, Jeju. The buckwheat blossom gained its popularity among Koreans, especially after the publication of a short story, The Buckwheat Season by Lee, Hyo-seok in 1936. It depicts the life of peddlers that travel around the country. 

"The road was between mountains and mountains. Probably it was dawn, while surrounding was calm and moonlight like an animal's breathing sound spread around. All around the mountainside was covered with buckwheat flower fields, they looked like Spilled salt."

The Buckwheat Season by Lee, Hyo-seok and translated by Hwang, Cheol-min

For this, average Koreans would have been exposed to this buckwheat blossom in various outlets, but more recently, it has gained its popularity as a good one-day trip destination by friends and family. It may also have to do with the popular TV drama Goblin, which featured a scene on a buckwheat field. But the actual location of the shooting wasn't here, though.

Boromwat is a compound word of Borom, wind for Jeju dialect and wat, field for Jeju dialect. And with this name, it means a "windy field." This windy field in Jungsangan area was never appropriate for farming so buckwheat, which grows in harsh conditions, was cultivated. It is harvested twice a year during the spring and fall, which makes a perfect time to visit this neighborhood if you are in Jeju. 

If you begin to see a cafe and buckwheat field in the distance, the subtle and refreshing fragrance of buckwheat will calm your mind. Think of all the artificial and unnatural fragrances you are exposed to in a city and compare it. Enjoy the blue sky, exotic trees and mystical Oreums on the backdrop of white buckwheat field in clear Jeju. This feels like you are the famous painting of the landscape by some painter. It is often described that it has "snowed" on the buckwheat fields, but if you look closer, it looks more like a small bunched up popcorns. Boromwat also has lavenders and other flowers to greet the guest.

After walking the field of flowers, have a seat at the cafe in which you can enjoy the flowers you had just walked by. They sell baked goods made with organic ingredients, including the buckwheat they grew themselves. Enjoy these bread and drinks and feel your hair flowing along the same wind that moves the clouds in the sky. This will make your time feel indefinite. 

Boromwat is an excellent place to visit as you can not only experience visually, but also can experience the place with olfactory senses and tasting senses at the cafe.

If you are looking for a place to experience the nature without going in too deep, Boromwat can be an option. Refined but not abbreviated. Just enough of nature so that you can enjoy the comfort that it provides. 

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