To look through the dark, clear and sparkly eyes are to see the dark sand beach. To look at the crimson mane is to see the sunset of the island. As I lay my hands on the body of my horse, the breath and the warmth that I feel in that moment comforts me. For the brief moment I walked along the beach at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak on the back of the horse, I not only had my troubles disappear for moments but my aching body has been slowly healed by the warmth of the horse. Where have I felt this before? How can I describe this feeling? I had one word popped into my head. A connection. 

Once before, on my back from a music concert in Seoul, I began to feel sick. I was sweating constantly and felt sick in my stomach. I barely could say, "I'm home," to my family and went straight to my bed. I got sick. I even had a flight to catch the next day but I began to think that might not going to happen. It felt like there was a pot of boiling water on my head but it was ice cold in my stomach. In that moment, our dog, Bori lied down next to me. She lifted my arm with her nose and made herself a space in between me. It was just the same thing Bori always did but that little touch that day was magical as if her warmth was comforting me. With her warmth next to me, I fell asleep. 

A connection, or it is to join, link, or fasten together. Maybe it just means that one can join, link or fasten together another to comfort one another. Whether it's physical or psychological pain, with the right connection, you'll be able to forget it, no matter how brief the moment is. And seeing from this experience, horseback riding is more than an excursion you pay for your excitement. A connection is at the heart of this experience. For those who found horseback riding in Jeju and didn't find it worth the price, maybe they may not have had the right connection with the animal. See the eyes of the horse and touch their cheeks, stomach to feel the warmth, call their names and feel their breaths and be truly one with them. That's the experience I had. There are moments in life where brief moment of connection is more than tens of thousand of words combined. If you came to Jeju to be away from the troubles back home, try to go on a ride by the beach. Calling the name of your horse and feel their breath. Everything for that moment will be in absolute peace. 

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